A hub for Global business

Positioning Maryland at the Forefront of Corporate Innovation

Our pioneering approach connects corporations, governments, and global start-ups to accelerate business growth through disruptive innovation. With us, you don’t just keep up with the fast-moving world — you lead the way.

Maryland takes pride in being a hub for global business. Hundreds of businesses that have offices in Maryland touch the world in some way.

The Maryland Innovation Lab, co-led by the World Trade Center Institute (WTCI) and L Marks, makes the hub even stronger. How? By providing Maryland companies with the opportunity to use new, cutting-edge technology designed to help them stand out in competitive markets.

What is the Maryland Innovation Lab?

Each year, we will work with Maryland-based businesses to identify innovation opportunities and problem areas from specific industries. We will also identify startup or scale-up companies from around the world who seek to solve complex problems.

We then match them up, with the goal being for each participating Maryland company to bring the global startup’s or scaleup’s innovative technology to life. The new “couples” work together for up to eight months, with strategic support from the hub partners to make that happen

The team

The lab is made possible through the generous support of the Maryland Department of Commerce. The department’s support is integral for building fruitful connections both in Maryland and abroad, ushering in a new era of cooperation and innovation in the Mid-Atlantic.



WTCI’s main role is to leverage its network of 3,500+ innovative globally minded businesses to identify Maryland-based companies interested in participating in the lab, serve as a liaison between the companies and L Marks, and help create the strategy for each project that is part of the lab.


L Mark’s primary focus is identifying the startups/scaleups and helping them prepare their pitches to the Maryland companies. L Marks also uses its standardized process to manage the eight-month collaboration between the Maryland companies and startups/scaleups.


The First Cohort

The theme for the first cohort, to be announced early next year, will be sustainable food systems. Specifically, how can we improve food packaging, processing, logistics, supply chains, agriculture, and distribution? This theme was chosen because of the numerous challenges the global food system is experiencing. The hope is that those involved in the lab will help develop solutions to reducing food waste, making food supply chains more resilient, and more.

The Maryland Innovation Lab will seek to

Increase industry innovation in the State of Maryland
Enhance the reputation of the State of Maryland as a global destination for innovation
Drive international innovation to the State of Maryland
Develop the State of Maryland as the center of excellence for innovation in foods systems
Support and grow the local startup ecosystem
Boost the job market in the State of Maryland