Frequently asked questions


When is the deadline for applying?

11.59pm, Sunday 11th February 2024

What information do I need to provide in my application?

We ask you for information about you, your idea, your team and your company. Be sure to let us know why you’re a great fit for the Maryland Innovation Lab. Don’t hold back, let us know how great you are.

What happens once I’ve applied?

Once you’ve submitted your details via the application form on the Bridge platform, we will work with our partners, L Marks, to review your responses and confirm your suitability for the programme. L Marks may be in touch to gather further details and are there to answer any questions you have before your details are submitted to the programme committee for review.

I don't live in the US, can I apply?

Of course! The best innovators can come from anywhere. Bear in mind that you may need a visa to participate in the programme and that you may be required to travel to the Maryland for the Bootcamp and at points during the programme.

Is there a minimum age?

You must be at least 18 years old to enter the Maryland Innovation Lab.


Is my business right for the Maryland Innovation Lab?

We want to collaborate with suppliers to help take them to the next level. We’re interested in all potential partners that can help us, in one or more of the categories described. If you feel that your business could benefit from working with Maryland or any of the sponsors, then we’d love to receive your application.

I’ve been in accelerators before and have customers – is this right for me?

We know that your needs will be very different from an early-stage business. That’s why we make sure that any mentoring or activities you’re involved in are tailored to your needs. Your time is precious and we won’t waste it. So long as you have an ambition to test out your product and ideas with our sponsors, we can work together.

Do I need to give away equity to participate?

No, we do not ask for equity for participating in this programme. However, we may ask you to keep us notified about future funding rounds.

What are the terms of entry into the Lab?

Teams selected to join the programme will be required to sign a participation agreement.

Do I have to relocate to participate in the Maryland Innovation Lab?

No, however, we may encourage some onsite attendance for Bootcamp, at the latter stages of the programme and Demo Day. We can discuss one on one the needs of your company and the partnering resources of our sponsors to see what would work best during the programme timeframe.

What does the day-to-day look like at the Maryland Innovation Lab?

The lab’s programme is designed to help you develop your solution, starting with deciding on a specific use case, receiving essential guidance from your mentors and demonstrating the value of your solution to your sponsor. Each supplier’s experience on the programme will be unique – we tailor the mentoring and education programmes to meet your business’s specific needs.

Who is L Marks and what is their role in the programme?

L Marks has launched over 90 innovation programs in Europe, Asia and North America. Working with partners that include BMW, Lloyd’s of London, and United Utilities, L Marks has created the UK’s largest network of corporate innovation labs and is becoming recognised as the most trusted partner for corporate innovation.

Their award-winning Open Innovation programs harness global entrepreneurial ecosystems and create the framework for collaboration to embed proven technologies into business operations that generate efficiencies, design new product offerings, and improve customer experience.

L Marks have partnered with the Maryland Department of Commerce and WTCI to create and run the Maryland Innovation Lab. They will be involved throughout the running of the program and will help facilitate the process at each step of the way.